About KAWA

As a half century of Korean American immigration history passes, the number of Korean families and their children suffering from unassailable transgenerational conflicts due to language and cultural barriers are rising remarkably. Today’s modern, fast-pace lifestyle is further complicating these challenges. A group of mental health professionals and community leaders have come to appreciate the need for a non-government organization (NGO) to help address the mental health crisis in the Korean community. We realized the need to educate and promote awareness through carefully thought out programs, which resulted in our first meeting on July 2017. In October 2017, we established the Korean American Wellness Association (KAWA).

Mission Statement

Korean American Wellness Association (KAWA) is a not-for-profit organization, committed to promoting wellness of the Korean American community through increasing awareness of mental health issues, education, and bridging resources.



KAWA’s first goal is to establish a network of professionals (Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists & Social Workers) to provide and promote the needed information and resources through KAWA’s website (kawachicago.org). This way, mental health services are easily accessible by those in need. The second goal is to provide small workshops, seminars, and psycho-education, so our Korean families can better identify their children, families, and friends suffering from a mental illness. Our ultimate goal is to build a healthy and happy community.


Board Members


Young Ok Kim (Psy.D., MDiv), Kelly Noh, Agnes Kim ( J.D., MSW), Soo J. Lee (M.D.)


President:  Dr. Young Ok Kim (Psy.D., MDiv)

Vice President: Dr. Jin Lee (LCPC, DMin)


Clinician Board:

Dr. Soyoung Suh (Ph.D.)

Dr. Eun-Jeong Lee (Ph.D.)

Sukhee Kim (LCSW, CADC)

Grace Kim (LMFT, MDiv)


Executive Board:

Secretary: Agnes Kim
Treasurer: Kelly Noh
Graphic Designer: Claire H. Park
Web Master: Cyberlinc, Inc


Advisory Board:

Dr. Ok Ro Hong (M.D.)

Dr. Paul Kyu Man Chae (Ph.D.)



KAWA is a non-profit organization and will operate strictly through sponsorships and run by volunteers. As we start this work with our mission in mind, your sponsorship will help us to reach our neighbors, friends, and families. Your heartfelt and necessary involvement will help our Korean families and change lives.

Thank you for your kind donation. We are deeply touched by your encouragement and support.

Korean American Wellness Association

President, Young Ok Kim